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A Peer-reviewed scientific articles/A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
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Economic hardship and suicide mortality in Finland, 1875–2010, European Journal of Health Economics 2, 1 March (2014). Korhonen, Marko; Puhakka, Mikko; Virén, Matti

Category A Peer-reviewed scientific articles
Sub-category A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
auki Internal authors
All authors as text Korhonen, Marko; Puhakka, Mikko; Virén, Matti 
Number of authors
Status Published
Year of publication 2016 
Date 02.12.2014 
Name of article Economic hardship and suicide mortality in Finland, 1875–2010 
Name of journal European Journal of Health Economics
Volume of issue 17 
Number of issue 2, 1 March 
Pages 129-137 
Abstract We investigate the determinants of suicide in Finland using annual data for consumption and suicides from 1860 to 2010. Instead of using some ad hoc measures of cyclical movements of the economy, we build our analysis on a more solid economic theory. A key feature is the habit persistence in preferences, which provides a way to measure individual well-being and predict suicide. We estimate time series of habit levels and develop an indicator (the hardship index) to describe the economic hardship of consumers. The higher the level of the index, the worse off consumers are. As a rational response to such a bad situation, some consumers might commit suicide. We employ the autoregressive distributed lags cointegration method and find that our index works well in explaining the long-term behavior of people committing suicide in Finland
Free text descriptor in English Suicide, Habit persistence, Hall’s consumption function, Cointegration 
JEL-codes I12;D91 
ISSN / e-ISSN 1618-7598 
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Additional information First Online: 02 December 2014